Marketing Funnels 101

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The beauty of marketing funnels is that when they’re set up correctly, your campaigns can run themselves and all that’s required from you is optimization on a regular basis, particularly during the beginning stages.

Elements of a Marketing Funnel

Let’s look at the basic elements that make up a traditional marketing funnel:

  1. Traffic + Landing Page. You can generate results by simply funneling traffic to a landing page. Your landing page could encourage visitors to watch a video, download a product or complete a contact form, any action that you want. The base of every marketing funnel is traffic and a landing page.
  2. Singular Focus. Every marketing funnel has one single focus. There’s a big difference between a website and a landing page. A landing page has a singular focus and only requires a user to take one action. There are no links to other parts of your website or any other distracting information.
  3. Call to Action. Your landing page needs to have a strong call to action.

Complex Vs Simple Marketing Funnels

Now that you understand the three most important elements of any marketing funnel, let’s look at complex versus simple funnels.

Understanding Complex Funnels

A complex marketing funnel is made up of several different low-value steps. An example of a complex marketing funnel would be if you run an ad that takes users through to a landing page where they are asked to complete a specific action. After a visitor completes that specific action they will be taken to a success page where there’s another chance to get them to make a purchase or complete a second action. A complex funnel is not ideal because there are a lot of places for people to fall off, reducing the chances of getting them to convert.

Understanding Simple Funnels

Simple marketing funnels have fewer, more meaningful interactions. More people make it through to the end of the funnel and a simple funnel is far more geared towards high ticket sales. It’s much easier to buy traffic when using a simple marketing funnel and it works well with high-value media. Simple sales funnels are the fastest path to online lead generation for high-priced products and services.

The Purpose of High-Value Media in Marketing Funnels

High-value media works so well in marketing funnels because it positions you as an authority in your sector.

Webinars are a prime example of high-value media. Taking someone from a traffic source to an ebook versus taking someone from a traffic source to a webinar will help you build more authority and rapport.

Replacing low-value media with high-value media in your funnel makes a call to action such as booking a one-on-one strategy session a lot more logical and appealing.

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