How to Successfully Communicate with Clients as a Coach

In this article, we will cover the basics of facilitating precise communication with your clients as a successful coach.

Communication is the most important aspect of being a coach. The most crucial part of your work as a coach is to be able to facilitate precise communication with your clients to be able to help them produce results. That is what we will hopefully be able to teach you in this article, how to communicate effectively with your clients so they can produce the results they want.

You are constantly communicating. Whether you’re having a conversation with someone, writing an article like this one or simply sitting still. You are communicating in some form or another. And, of course, communication is absolutely loaded with information. When a person communicates with you they are telling you their beliefs, their perspectives, their concerns, etc. And when you communicate back, their brains are processing that information and turns it into meaning. Communication is key to being a successful coach; precise communication. And this is exactly why you need to learn the correct ways of communicating with your clients in order to help them produce the results they want from their life.

Having a good communication strategy in place, one that will help your client change their belief systems and their perspectives is what will make you a successful and life-changing coach. A coach that people will want to come back to time and time again. A coach that people will want to recommend to their friends and their family and their friend’s friends. 

As a coach, you’re there to make people see and believe that they can have anything they want. But the reason they are coming to you in the first place is because they don’t believe it. Their beliefs are set in a way that makes them think they can’t achieve their goals or dreams. Your goal as a coach is to change that belief, give the client a new perspective and change the relationship they have with that particular aspect in their life.

Take the example of Money. When it comes to money everyone has a particular set of beliefs, rules and ideals around money. When your client comes to you with a problem that they have about making money or anything to do with their finances, there’s usually an underlying problem within their belief system that’s causing the issue. So you, as their coach, need to shift their perspective. By shifting the way they relate to money, your clients can change their outcome. You see, when a person’s perspectives are shifted, the universe and the people around them also shift in how they relate to your client in regards to the topic. 

When you shift and change what a particular topic or area of your life means to you, you get back a different experience from that topic because of your shift in perspective. Perhaps you look at your body in a negative way, always saying bad things about yourself, putting yourself down, claiming you’ll never be able to lose weight or look good in a particular outfit etc. However, if you shift your perspective, start by saying good things about yourself, picking out your features, believing that you can lose weight or you will look amazing in that outfit you want, your experience with yourself changes. You begin to have a positive experience because you’ve started to see things from a different perspective. Of course, it’s never just that simple and that’s what you’re there for as a coach. You’re there to guide the client through those little steps and communicate with them so that they eventually change their perspectives to gain the results that they want from life.

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