NLP Presuppositions in Sales & Negotiation


Learn the main NLP Presuppositions in Sales & Negotiation and how to incorporate them into your strategy. In this article, we’ll go through 5 of the main 11 NLP Presuppositions with you and help you to learn how you can utilise them in your sales & negotiation techniques in order to get the best outcome you can from your time with your clients or customers.

NLP is, simply put, the way you experience life. It’s how your neurons are programmed together to determine your internal experience of life and the world around you. If you follow the basic principles of NLP, you may find that it has a huge impact on your influence and sales success and generally empower you in your business life.

If you adopt these basic principles of NLP, you’ll find that it will likely bring a lot of empowerment to the way you deal with your customers, clients and business in general. Of course, these things might not be useful to everybody. However, those who do adopt it as part of their practice find that it is an excellent tool and has improved their business dealings infinitely. We have compiled a list of NLP presuppositions that the top influences in the world use to increase their influence. If you find that they work for you, adopting them as your background belief system will be an empowering experience that could improve your business dealings in a way you’d never thought possible.

  1. We all create our own experience and interpretation of everything. Inside our minds we all have our own interpretation and maps of the world. Your job, when it comes to sales, is to determine your client or customer’s experience and interpretation of the world. The way you experience things is really quite useless in this. What is really important is their experience and making sure you understand it in order to customise your sales technique to suit it.
  2. People are always doing the best they can. When you remember this core principle you allow yourself to grant your clients and customers trust. If you gain a high level of trust for your clients or customers, including all their struggles and all their reservations, you will become much more successful in business.
  3. People already have the resources they need to create everything they want. Your clients are infinitely resourceful and able to create action. The thing is, they may feel like they don’t have those resources which is where you come in, by making them understand that they are bigger than their circumstances and able to create anything they want, they will feel more powerful sitting in front of you. When they feel more powerful sitting in front of you, you’ll find that they are infinitely more likely to buy into that experience than someone who doesn’t incite those same feelings within them.
  4. Mind and body are part of the same experience; they affect each other. Your clients will give away what’s going on in their mind by their body language. If they’re uncomfortable with what’s happening or being said you’ll see it in how their body reacts to you. Learning to read your client’s body language will help you to understand if things are going in the right direction.
  5. Everything influences everything all the time. All the moves you make, all the things you say, will all influence the overall sales process. It’s your job to become detail oriented and focus on how every little detail in your sales technique will influence the outcome. 

Using these 5 presuppositions of NLP in your sales techniques will help you to become more influential in business and improve your sales practices. If you want to learn the other 6 core NLP beliefs in sales, the full article is featured on our members-only section. If you’re not currently a member, check out our mentorship testimonials here to find out more. Joining our mentorship program also gives you access a treasure trove of great articles, videos, tutorials and webinars to help you reach your full potential and become successful in your business endeavors. Fill out the contact form on this page, so that we can add you to our mailing list and keep you informed about events in your region. 

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